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Bambino International | Cincinnati based, is a studio of visionary artists with unmatched vision and creativity for over the past two decades. With backgrounds in fine art, fashion and photojournalism, each artist captures the event with a unique form and style.

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Michelle Jackson, Director of Couture, Studio Director Bambino International, Wedding Artist, Documentary Weddings

Director & Photographer | Michelle Jackson, acquired BI in 2019 with 17 years of experience.  With a strong passion for movement, interpretation, styling and direction - she pioneered her vision for BI's distinctive look specializing in documentary wedding photography & videography.

Production & Design Director and Couture Artist | Ali Spires | BI Artist


Maria & Pete

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"Michelle is God-Sent; along with the rest of the team. They are all extremely kind, professional, & blessed in their creative abilities. All of our family & guests agree they set the highest standards in the industry! They just created this masterpiece that has a transparency of us - of where we have been, where we are, and where we plan to go. The imagery just transcends time & place - Their style of letting things unfold before them and not being so invasive during personal moments allows for raw beauty"

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